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Stellar College Essays’ philosophy is that every student, regardless of level, has a unique and memorable voice that can be reflected in his or her writing.  The written components of college applications are critical; they are what give your application life and personality. More importantly, a well-written and edited essay transcends a student’s concrete statistics – course rigor, GPA, test scores, and activities.

The most important message we can impart is this: there is no cookie-cutter formula for a successful essay.  Stellar College Essay consultants tailor their expert responses to the individual; each essay should be different in content and presentation. Our goal is to help you present yourself to an admissions officer in a way that will allow them to get to know you and what you will bring to their college campus. With this in mind, we are by no means in the business of writing your college essays for you. You want your essay to have your voice; that’s what makes it, and you, great!


I always ask my students the same question: What do you want a college to know about you that they can’t figure out from your résumé? A student’s writing voice is an excellent way to get to know him or her. For college applications, the essay is a way to understand an applicant outside of his or her concrete statistics (GPA, SAT scores, class rank, etc.).  The best essays are the ones that make a reader think, “Hey, this person has something awesome to contribute to our community.”  The essays that are truly great are not only well-written, but they are personal, representative of your character, and stand out.  

Let’s be clear: teachers are amazing. In fact, Lindsay and Lauren, founders of Stellar College Essays, have significant classroom teaching experience.  However, our mindsets shift when we look at college essays.  

In the classroom, 25 students answer one prompt and we, as teachers, expect to read somewhat uniform responses.  We look for things like a thesis statement, supporting details, and properly integrated quotations from a text.  In the world of college applications, thousands of students answer one prompt and we, as college essay consultants, expect to read diverse responses about an individual’s own experiences and adventures.  We look for ways to help you stand out while remaining true to your background and personal identity.

Once you upload your essay, we get to work in Microsoft Office using “track changes” or in GoogleDocs using “suggesting”. This highlights the changes that we make so that you can clearly differentiate them from your own writing. We’ll look at the big stuff and the small stuff:

  • Big Picture: We look to make sure that your essay makes sense and answers the prompt appropriately. We will always let you know what we think the overall message and tone of your essay imparts and whether or not it gets that point across clearly enough.  These larger comments will be in narrative form and all essays, regardless of length, will receive this type of feedback.
  • The Nitty-Gritty: You’ll see that every essay that goes through Stellar College Essays is impeccably checked for grammar and spelling.  Additionally, we look at your word choice and make suggestions where necessary. Any time we make these smaller changes, we provide explanations as needed.

We are also experts at making essays more concise, and we will make sure that your essay has been honed to its word count specifications.  This is done both by helping you cut unnecessary verbiage and by making suggestions of places and/or content that you might want to edit.

In summary, just as there are no cookie cutter essays at Stellar College Essays, there are no cookie cutter responses.

Channing College Consulting  is your one-stop-shop for the entire college application process.

Yes! We are always able to put on our teacher hats for academic essays or our editing hats for other forms of writing.  Just go ahead and submit based on the word count. If your essay is more than 1000 words, please contact us with details for pricing.

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